Grotta dei Cervi

Grotta dei Cervi

Address:  Via Roma - Località La Fraula | 73020 - Porto Badisco | Map

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The cave is more than 4000 years old and it is to be placed in the Neolithic period. It was discovered on Feb. 1, 1970 by 5 members of the speleological group of Maglie " Pasquale de Lorentiis ".
Before 1970 it was called the "Cave of Aeneas ", because, according to legend, Enea landed at Porto Badisco. Later on, after the discovery of the pictograms depicting scenes of deer hunting, it was called the "Deer Cave".

It is an underground complex, currently inaccessible to the public, runs in 3 corridors that, for the characteristic karst phenomenon in the territory are rich in stalactites and stalagmites :
1) In the "west entrance"  probably the family life took place and, after about 150 m., it is divided into two smaller corridors, in order to join later in one richer of pictograms and remains of pottery. The remains of pottery are preserved at the Superintendence of Taranto;
2)  narrow, with some larger areas and rich in prehistoric inscriptions;
3 ) low and narrow, only accessible on all fours, characterized by larger areas full of stalactites and stalagmites.

A natural treasure of inestimable value, defined by Professor Graziosi of the Italian Institute of Prehistory and Early History, the Sistine Chapel of prehistory. It represents one of the most impressive archeological and spectacular site in the Salento region and the most impressive in Europe.
In a larger area, referred to as the "Stanza delle manine (little hands room)" there are many prehistoric handprints, scattered over the entire surface of the "room" . Details of the figures representing the hands of children, that witness their presence.
The pictograms, in bat droppings are more recent, while those in red ocher are older and can be distinguished in:
Figurative - animals (deer or dogs), hunting scenes (men bending the bow), women, children and shamans, dances and cross-shaped signs;
Not Figurative - symbolic content, abstract geometric shapes and magical symbols of uncertain interpretation.


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Grotta dei Cervi  Grotta dei Cervi - Porto Badisco